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Why do children play?

What is Play Therapy?

Signs and symptoms

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Is your child struggling to reach their full potential?

Your child may have experienced an upsetting time which has caused the child to experience a wide range of unhappy and confusing emotions. Through play therapy the child will find relief from stress and find ways to gain strength to build friendships with others. Play therapy helps children to learn to cope and deal with their emotions.

Why do children play?

Play offers children a way to explore and express their thoughts and feelings. Play is children's natural way of learning lessons about life which cannot be taught to them. All children, regardless of age, gender or culture benefit from having the chance to play. It helps children to learn, communicate and develop their personalilties. Play offers children an opportunity to express their feelings without the need to use words. It supports children to make sense of their own life experiences. 

What is Play Therapy?

Providing a range of toys and creative art materials (for example, musical instruments, paints, pastels and crayons) the child has the freedom to play within a safe environment. the play therapist spends time building a trusting and respectful relationship with the child. The play therapist provides helpful ways of coping with difficulties the child may be facing in their life which they themselves are unable to change. helping the child to build resilience. These positive experiences build the child's confidence and sense of self worth allowing for healing to occur without the use of medication.

Signs and symptoms

Children with the following conditions could benefit from play therapy:-

School Refuser                                                                               


Difficulty with Relationships with either Adults and/or Peers

Withdrawn Personality                                                                  

Bullied / Bullies                                                                               


Adoption/ Foster Care/ Special Guardianship                                                                         

Physical Disabilities


Social Exclusion

Concerns with Anger


Autistic Spectrum

Bereavement / Loss


Communication Problems

Developmental Delays

Trauma/ Medical Trauma


How I can help

Play therapy is a form of person centred counselling that uses the process of play to communicate with and help children to express and alleviate emotional anxieties and disturbances. The relationship built between the child and the therapist provides an opportunity for the child to express their experiences and feelings, enabling the child to acknowledge and accept themselves and others allowing for self healing to occur. 

Play is your child's most           natural form of expression.